D R O N E   S H I E L D​​​​​​​
The subject of this project was privacy. I continued with the question of how personal freedom is affected by technological developments such as drones. Today drones are no longer only used by companies but also by individuals. An important point of this design is to decrease the violation of drones on private property of individuals.
So I designed an anti-drone shield. This shield will give you more control over your privacy. The spy is facing his actions through the use of a reflective material. Now the spy is looking at itself. 
You can unfold the anti-drone shield, so you can decide how much privacy you want. And you can easily move and store the shield. It’s made of a reflective material. The spy can’t see what lies below the shield, but from under the shield you can see everything around you. The design consists of a pattern of triangles. 
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